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Arsenal - Asset Pack

Download it here:

Arsenal is the ultimate weapons collection.
Includes 47 pieces among which you will find guns, rifles, swords, ninja weapons, grenades, bullets, a cannon and many more special items.
Carefully modeled and textured, Arsenal is Render-Ready and Game-Ready out of the box for Blender, Unity and Unreal Engine plus the FBX format and High&Low res textures.

47 Objects:

1x Ammunition Box
1x Tomahawk
1x Trap
1x Arrow Holder
1x Shuriken Ninja
1x Knife Pirates
1x Knight Spear
1x Landmine
1x Nunchaku
1x Granade
1x Old French Sword Saber
1x Ax
1x Crossbow
1x Bullet 9mm
1x Cannon
2x Bow
2x Guns Pirates
2x Machine Guns
3x Fencing
3x Pistols
3x Rifles Western
3x Shotguns
4x Daggers
4x Pistols Western
5x Swords

Available formats:

- Blender
- Unity HDRP
- Unreal Engine UE4

Download it here:

Arsenal Asset Pack

Arsenal Asset Pack